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Waycross Journal-Herald Exhibit

Our local Newspaper & still providing a daily paper today

The Waycross Journal-Herald

The Waycross Journal-Herald building houses an exhibit outlining the history of the newspaper in the region. Late 19th and early 20th century presses, and other printing machinery are on display, as well as copies of some of the first newspapers printed in the area.

We have the original flat-bed press that was used to print the Waycross Journal-Herald newspaper until the 1950s. Linotype and addressograph machines which were used to produce the newspaper are also on display.

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The Waycross Journal-Herald then and now

According to Waycross-Ware County historians, the origin of today’s paper and Web editions of the Waycross Journal-Herald can be traced back to the first newspaper published in Waycross, the Waycross Headlight, edited by Dr. Daniel Lott and Dr. William B. Folks, two of the city’s founders. Interestingly, the paper was first published in nearby Pearson but was relocated to the larger city of Waycross in 1876.

As of this writing, both third-generation members of the Williams family continue to serve in their respective positions, and it is hoped that the ownership of the Waycross Journal-Herald, “South Georgia’s Greatest Newspaper,” will one day pass on to fourth and fifth generations of the Williams family.

To visit the newspaper’s website and more about their history please click their WJH news logo.