OHC Learning Series Schedule 2024

1st Thursdays – 10:30 AM & 6:00 PM
(*Second Thursday)

March 7
Jenny Sweat
Okefenokee ~ “Okefenokee Wild & Free”

April 4
Maelyn Belmondo
Gardening ~ Okefenokee Pollinator Paradise Workshop

May 2
Zane Williams
Old 9 ~ “The Story of Old 9” Documentary

June 6
Leslie Ranew
Okefenokee ~ “Okefenokee Ways”

*July 11
Scott Beaham
Photography~ “What Do All Those Numbers Mean”

Aug. 1
Susan Newman
Art ~ “Choosing a Favorite Painting Medium”

Sept. 5
Bob & Diane Brown
Art ~ “The Business of Art”

Oct. 3
Chris Adams
Okefenokee ~ “Indigenous Peoples of the Okefenokee”

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OHC Newsletter

July, August & Sept 2024 Waycross Sesquicentennial & Ware County Bicentennial C.C. McCray City Auditorium The Waycross City Auditorium was dedicated on May 9, 1937. More than 1,000 folks attended the dedication ceremonies, to inspect and “enjoy the beautiful new building which offers decidedly the largest auditorium in Southern Georgia,” reported the Waycross-Journal Herald.

OHC Newsletter

April May & June 2024
Waycross Sesquicentennial & Ware County Bicentennial
Remembering Dear Old Waresboro

Everyone comes from somewhere. We came from Waresboro.
Whether you hail from Manor, Bickley, Millwood, Telemore or even that place where the ways cross, Waresboro is your ancestral home.

OHC Newsletter

Jan, Feb & March 2024
Waycross Sesquicentennial & Ware County Bicentennial
When Waycross Was Tebeauville

Those who believe wiregrass history began with Waycross would do well to return to those days of yesteryear.
Older than all the rest of course is Waresboro, a farming community that, save for a desire not to have the railroads disturbing their livestock, might have become the center of South Georgia.

OHC Newsletter

October – November
& December 2023
When The “Waycross Victory” Ruled The High Seas

Waycross and Ware County men and women did more than their share to aid the effort in World War II. A little-known chapter in that effort was the building of the “Waycross Liberty.” Many Ware Countians drove daily to Brunswick to work in the Brunswick Shipyards, but the city’s namesake wasn’t built in Brunswick, but in Baltimore.

OHC Newsletter

October – July, August & September 2023
In Memory of Susan Lott Clark
Susan Lott Clark, 98, passed away peacefully at her home on May 2, following a long and productive life. She was preceded in death over 20 years ago by her husband, Dr. S. William Clark, Jr., a prominent ophthalmologist in Waycross.

OHC Newsletter

April, May & June 2023
Jewish American History in Waycross, GA
Despite the extreme level of population turnover, the Jewish community of Waycross began to organize in the 1920s. In 1920, Jews in the area first gathered to pray together. Four years later, 13 men officially organized a congregation, with Alex Gilmore as its first president.