Third Annual
Writer’ Contest

Enter Third Annual Okefenokee Heritage Writing Contest

Submission Deadline: Oct 14th, ’16

Winners Announced: Nov 6th, ’16

Four Different Contests

  • Mid/High School: Story: max 1,000 words
    Poem: max 250 words
  • typewritten, double-spaced only
  • Adult: Story: max 2,000 words
    poem: max 400 words
  • typewritten, double-spaced only

Submission Guidelines

Submit story with submission form, answering the personal information question. Please DO NOT put your name on the story itself.
[CLICK HERE for an online submission form]

Submission forms can be obtained at the Okefenokee Heritage Center or at other locations to be announced as the contest progresses.

Submission Limits

The limit per author on Mid/High School will be three total, story and poetry entries combined. There is no limit to adult entries, but they will need to pay the $10 entry fee for each entry.

Submission Locations

Please send submissions to the Okefenokee Heritage Center. Some schools may have submissions gathered at a school location, and then sent at one time. If you are in school, please check with your teacher or with school administration.

Submission Fees

There are no fees for elementary and secondary submissions. There is a $10 per entry for adults, and it should be included with they story and submission form.


There will be cash prizes for all contests. :

First prize: Story $50 Poetry $25 (School)
Story $100 Poetry $50 (Adult)

Second Prize: Story $30 Poetry $15 (School)
Story $50 Poetry $25 (adult)

Third Prize: Story $20 Poetry $10 (School)
Story $25 Poetry $10 (Adult)


There will be at least two judges at each level. Each entry will be judged on a blind basis, only being identified by number and not by name.

Tallying and scoring should be completed by November 3rd with winners to be presented November 6th.

Please send entries to:

Okefenokee Heritage Center
1460 N Augusta Ave, Waycross, GA 31503