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‘Ol Nine Locomotive Exhibit

Visit Ol Nine, a restored 1912 Baldwin, steam locomotive

‘Ol Nine Locomotive

Our most well-known exhibit, Old Nine, is a restored 1912 Baldwin, 100 ton, 2-8-2, steam locomotive.

It was named for the first settlement in Waycross, GA because Old Nine was the ninth stop on the railroad laid from Savannah. Along with the locomotive, the exhibit includes a mail/baggage, REA Express car, passenger car, and caboose. An early Waycross depot with panels outlining the railroad’s history in the region completes this exhibit.

Along with the engine are a coal tender, a passenger car, a mail/baggage car, a caboose, and three other cars making up 365 feet of historic rolling stock. The locomotive and coal tender were brought to Waycross in 1973 from the Rockton & Rion Railway in South Carolina.
The locale that later became Waycross was first known as No. 9, as it was the ninth stop on the Atlantic & Gulf Railroad. Oldtimers often called the community “Old Nine” long after it was given the name Tebeauville, then Waycross. As a reminder of this heritage, the museum designated the engine as No. 9.

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