OHC Summer Camps

Bring your Children to an OHC Summer Camp

Summer Camps

We generally run Summer Camps from the second week in June through to the third week of July. Each camp runns for a week, Monday through Friday.

Dates, camps and numbers of camps do vary from year to year, but the camp list below shows what sort of activities we offer.

  • Camp 1: Painting in the Pines. Campers will explore acrylic painting. Camp led by artist, Pauline Ammons Sharpe. Final art will be exhibited on the last day of camp.
  • Camp 2: Recycle, Create, Adventure! Campers will create their own Pinterest-inspired crafts from re-purposed items.
  • Camp 3:  Explore your Heritage. Campers will explore their family roots, the Okefenokee area Heritage and discover local heritage. The theme for this week will be Family and campers will create their own heritage plaque.
  • Camp 4: Art – Create a Barn Quilt, More art – experience fabric art, Ag – Sew plant-inspired sachets!, Adventure – explore the OHC
  • Camp 5: Back to the Land. Soil, Seeds, Sprouts, Plants, Worms, Compost, Water cycle, Bugs! “Food”

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