Annual Writer’ Contest 2016 Winners

Student Story

1st Place: Cheyenne Irby “Hide & Seek”
2nd Place: Trent Dixon “A Slow Day at McKinley’s”
3rd Place: Kennedy Brice “Howl”
Judge’s Prize: Benjamin Strait “The Tale of Jeff”

Secondary Poetry

1st Place: Alexis Derr “Where Do You Go to Hear the Silence?”
2nd Place: Daniela Trejos “Where Tragedy Strikes”
3rd Place: Myra Relyea “The Ocean Sea”
Judge’s Prize: Wendy Dominguez Canela “This is me”

Adult Story

1st Place: Barbara Griffin “Becoming William”
2nd Place: Rose Aldridge “When Jesus Comes, I Hope I’m Wearing Green”
3rd Place: J. W. Parr “Eight”
Judge’s Prize: Brittany Peacock “What Found Vernon”

Adult Poetry

1st Place: Linda Sullivan “Booze”
2nd Place: Terry Pinder “Sign of the Times”
3rd Place: Cristina Relyea “Oh Him”
Judge’s Prize: Belinda Jo Adams “Storm of Life”